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Why Parallel Universes Are The Next Step For Humanity

If you are a fan of sci-fi movies or you love reading science articles, then you have probably heard and thought about the theory of parallel universes. This surely invited you to imagine the possibility that you exist in some other dimension, a universe in which you made slightly different decisions which led to alternate outcomes. But this is not just fiction, it is actually one of the most exciting and enticing topics in the science world today.

A good number of people are now convinced that the multiverse theory is a reality and not a myth. Below are some clues pointing towards the existence of parallel universes.


The Mandela Effect


This is a debatable and interesting clue suggesting that collective misremembering of common events could prove the existence of parallel universes. The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which a group of people remember events which did not happen in reality (this is called confabulation in psychiatry). The most popular example of this emerged in 2010 when a group of people remembered that former South African president Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, whereas he passed away in 2013. Some scientists seem to believe that these are memories from a parallel universe spilling into our own reality, while others believe it is a collective false memory.


The Déjà Vu Phenomenon


The term “déjà vu” is French, and it can be literally translated to “already seen.” This is more common than the Mandela Effect and chances are you have experienced this a couple of times in the past. Basically, the déjà vu phenomenon can be described as an overwhelming familiarity with events that should not be familiar. For example, you are touring a park in a city you have never been to, and you suddenly have the feeling that you were there before. A number of theories have emerged to explain this phenomenon, one of which is the existence of another you in a parallel universe.




The brain is probably the most complex part of the body. Even with the advancements in neurosciences and research techniques, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the human brain. One of those mysteries which have been really difficult to explain is dreams. There are lots of questions and theories about dreams. What are they? Why do people dream about future events? Can some of our dreams be the manifestation of various events experienced by our copies in a parallel universe? That is what some scientists seem to believe.

The existence of parallel universes is certainly a fascinating topic to explore as it could prove to be the next step for humanity. Request a reading to learn more.

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