Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Some people are born with a strong interest in spirituality. This can be clearly seen in the Horoscope. A strong 12th House (spirituality), a prominent Neptune, and/or many planets in Pisces are indicators of this. In many cases, spiritual awakening happens later in life. And this...

Spiritual Gifts

spiritual gifts

In truth, within every person is all power and all ability, special spiritual gifts. The power behind every person - his or her spiritual nature - can do all things. It can walk on water, multiply the loaves and the fishes, heal the sick and split the...

On Spiritual Practices

spiritual practices

Students of Astrology know that every person is a unique individual. A law unto him or herself. Every person is “wired up” in a unique way. Thus therapies that work for one will not necessarily work for another. Diets that produce results for one will not necessarily...