Is Astrology Prophecy?

astrology prophecy

In order to answer this we need to understand the meaning of a “prophet”. If we understand this to mean merely someone who prognosticates, predicts the future, looks at future trends etc. then the astrologer certainly falls into this category. So do many economists, futures traders and...

Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

On April 9, Mercury went retrograde. He will be retrograde until May 2. This generally affects the mail, phones, and communications. Equipment involved in communication - printers and fax machines also get affected. So lets be more careful in communication now. Make sure you say what you...

Spiritual Inspiration

spiritual inspiration

Spiritual inspiration is something that is, in theory, always available. It is always there. The Divine is constantly pouring out light and wisdom upon all and sundry - 24-7 365. Why then can’t we partake of it? The answer is very simple. Most people are just not...