Joseph Polansky

Joseph Polansky is a full time practicing astrologer since 1974. His work has been published in all the major astrological magazines. He is the co-author of Sun Sign Success (Destiny Books), Your Personal Horoscope (Harper Collins), A Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs (Dodona Books – to be released this year) The Moving Universe (Dodona Books – to be released this year), A Technique for Meditation (Mantra Books) . He is to co-author of Pendulum Power, considered by many to be the most important book on the subject. He is the Editor and Publisher of Diamond Fire, a quarterly esoteric review, and The Astrologer’s Notebook, a quarterly newsletter. He currently resides in North Port Florida where he caters to an international clientele.”


The Mandala is a balanced and proportional form. Its colors, shapes and geometries attune a person to certain cosmic energies...


Events on earth are always side effects. Earth itself is a side effect. The causes for everything lie in the realms of mind....

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I wrote these stories for many reasons. One, was to give people a healthy mental meal. Two, I wanted to educate as well as entertain...