Here is a look at the astrology of this horrific storm. The inner wheel is the fall equinox horoscope cast for Northport Florida. Here we see the Planet Uranus in the first house of the chart. This shows shake ups and upheavals in the infrastructure of the city and also a change in the city’s image and self concept . It would show multiple changes in the appearance, the physical appearance of the city. This certainly happened.

More ominously, Pluto, the generic planet of death and destruction, but also of near death kinds of experiences, is right on the midheaven of the horoscope. The city of Northport did not die, but it certainly had a near death kind of experience. This could also show big changes in the city government in months to come.

Pluto, also rules rebirth and resurrection. And this will certainly happen in the future, it is already happening now as I write. Pluto’s job is to get rid of the effete and the useless so that rebirth can happen in a proper way.

The storm hit us on September 27. The chart for that day is shown, and this is the outer ring of the horoscope. Here the destruction is much more magnified The moon, which rules the fourth house of the home and also food and food supply has moved in to an exact, very exact, square with Pluto the planet of death and destruction. This is exactly what happened here that day, and for days after. Many homes were severely damage, The supermarkets were quickly sold out of food and the shelves were empty. All the restaurants, even the fast food places were closed. You could not buy food anywhere. Because there was no electricity, food in freezers quickly went bad and had to be thrown out. Of course, many homes were severely damaged. All these things come under the rulership of the moon. As I write this, the moon has moved away from a stressful aspect and restaurants are starting to open and supermarkets have more food.