The term science comes from the Latin root SCIERE which means to know. Thus, science is about acquiring true knowledge. No one argues about this. True and real knowledge is a great thing. Thus, the essence of real science, is wonderful.

But in recent times science has become secularized. It limits itself only to phenomena and energies that can be perceived by the five senses, or by instruments which expand the reach of the five senses. Energy that cannot be seen, felt, measured by instruments or the five senses, does not exist for them . Even though, these things certainly have existence and power. So, in the world of physiology, there is no acknowledgment of a mental body, an astral body or etheric body . Nor is there any acknowledgment of the chakra system. These things are real but invisible, much in the way that electricity is invisible.

The good news is that, of late, we have the technology to measure the effects of these different bodies although we cannot see them. Again this is like electricity. We cannot see it but we can measure its effects. L. E. Eeman, A British therapist, often called the father of radiesthesia, and perhaps of energy medicine in general, spent many years painstakingly documented the healing effects of different energies. He even showed that a person did not have to take a physical pill or remedy but could be cured by the energy of that pill or remedy. Eeman showed this in the most detailed way, with actual case histories. He had hoped that his elaborate case histories would be accepted by medical science. It never happened. According to legend, he died of a broken heart because of this. Yet, he healed hundreds, if not thousands of people. And he documented this. If you read his book, out of print for many years, CO- OPERATIVE HEALING, you can see what he did. He himself was healed from devastating injuries in World War I, solely through the mind.

The problem with secular science is they put the cart before the horse. They study effects rather than causes. They study pathology rather than health.

This is not true of all scientists, of course, Only the 3D secular ones. There are many real scientists out there and we applaud them.

Eventually we will see a marriage between science and spirituality. We are only at the beginning stages right now, but eventually they will be seen as two sides of the same thing.