Final Dispositor

In astrology the final dispositor is defined as the one planet that directly or indirectly rules all the other planets, and thus, every department of life. An example of this is shown in the chart above . This is an actual chart but no name is given to protect the persons privacy. In this horoscope Neptune is the final dispositor. Note, Neptune rules Jupiter and Mars. Mars rules Uranus, Venus and Mercury. Uranus rules the moon and Saturn. Saturn rules Pluto. Thus Neptune is called the final dispositor. He “disposes” all the other planets. He is the key to the whole horoscope. All the events of life are impacted by Neptune and the aspects he receives. We can call him the hidden power of the entire horoscope. In this horoscope Neptune is strong and well aspected.

This is a good signal for the person’s life. However, should Neptune be receiving stressful aspects at a given time every other department of life will suffer accordingly.

Not every horoscope has a final dispositor. But those that do should be studied very carefully. Any sign in which the final dispositor occupies should be considered a Power Point in the horoscope. The same is true for any house which it occupies. Such a house automatically becomes a house of power even if there are no other planets in that house.

Transits to the final dispositor carry more weight, and have a greater influence than translates to other planets in the horoscope.