Fall of the Sri Lankan Government

Fall of the Sri Lankan Government

The government of Sri Lanka has been having problems for many years. But only recently has the government actually fallen. Sri Lanka is not a country that I normally follow. (I have my hands full just covering the USA).

But the events of mid July have been so astounding and eclipsy that I decided to take a look at it from the astrological perspective. I don’t know the birthday data for the country as a whole, so I cast the chart for the summer solstice for Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is the capital of the country.

As expected the horoscope shows what is going on. The midheaven at six Leo sits very near the eclipse point of April 30, 2022. So there was instability in the government all season. But here is the main point. Mars has been re-stimulating that eclipse point from July 10 to July 15. Not only that, but it has been squaring The midheaven of the horoscope, which denotes the government and the president. The presidents home was invaded and, I read that he was forced to resign. He wasn’t killed, but the military evacuated him from his home and perhaps even from the country. This is classic eclipse phenomena. Now, the eclipse didn’t cause the fall of the government, it was in trouble long before that, but the eclipse and Mars pushed it over the edge.

The chart for the country is shown.