As we have written in the past, there are two major hypotheses as to why astrology works. One hypothesis we shall call the causal hypothesis. This position holds that the planetary powers are actually causing events in the world and in people. The second hypothesis is called synchronicity. This position holds that the planets are not actually causing events but happen to be in certain places when events happen. The explanation is that since the universe is a unity when events happened everything lines up, including the planetary positions. This latter view is more popular with the more scientific oriented astrologers. This is because science can not yet understand how things so distant like the planets can have any effect here on the earth .

However, when we understand energy, everything falls into place. When we understand that the universe, and the human body are basically dynamic energy systems, which obey the laws of energy, only then will we understand how astrology works and how prayer works. The movements of the planets, the movements of the universe, change the energy dynamics in the world and in people . The natural response to these energy changes creates events and even impacts on the actual physical body which is itself an energy system. This not only accounts for events but also to physical symptoms in the human body. Thus, a person could exhibit symptoms but not have anything really wrong with the body. The body is merely responding to the change of energy, sometimes pleasant sometimes difficult. Thus I personally hold to the first hypothesis of causality.

When a person prays he changes the vibratory state of his mind and body. Also, his or her prayer will change the vibratory state of the person that he is praying for. These actual energy changes will have positive effects.

The understanding of energy will not only help us to understand astrology but also to understand health and healing. It is well worth the investment of time and effort.