Book Review: Mirror Mirror

Book Review: Mirror Mirror

MIRROR MIRROR: The Astrology of famous people and the actors who portray them By Alex Renoweth. The Wessex Astrologer, PO Box 9307, Swanage, BH19 9BF, England. www.wessexastrologer.com. 3386 Pages. Trade Paper. £124. $36.50.

Though it has some pitfalls, studying the charts of celebrities and world figures, it’s a great way for a beginner to learn astrology. We basically know the main points of their lives, and the chart will illustrate many of these things. Further, The student will get a deeper insight into the lives of these celebrities something that penetrates the propaganda of their press agents and image makers.

If this book was only about that, it would be worth reading just for the celebrity charts. However, she goes much further here.

She includes the horoscopes of the actors who portray these celebrities and world figures in film. Not only that but she includes the horoscopes of the dates that the films were released. She shows an important connection between the charts of the actors who portrayed these celebrities and the celebrities themselves. Apparently these actors were not chosen at random, but because they had an innate similarity to the celebrities they portray. To my knowledge, this has never been done. And this aspect of the book makes it interesting not only for beginners but for intermediate and advanced students as well.

It is much easier for an actor to give a performance involving someone that he or she is similar with than with someone with whom they have no astrological connection. The performance will be much more realistic. Perhaps the casting studios are already doing this. But if not, this kind of analysis will add another dimension to the casting process. Casting directors will have a new tool at their disposal.

Many factors are involved in the release of a new film. And, I’m sure astrologers are consulted. But this book adds another dimension to this. In addition to all the other factors the date of release should be in harmony with the horoscopes of both the celebrities and the actors who portray them.

A massive amount of time and research went into this work. It’s not a book that you just read, the way you would read a novel or ordinary biography. You have to go through the book and cast the actual horoscopes. For the beginner, it would suffice to just do the horoscopes of the celebrity or world figure. For the more advanced student it would be good to include the horoscopes of the actors portraying them.

A recommendable book and especially so for those of you who are film buffs. JP