Notes on the siege of Troy- Part 2

One of the main features of the Iliad is the interaction of the gods in the affairs of humans not only on the battlefield but in many affairs of life.

When Paris or Aeneas are in danger, Aphrodite swoops in and protects them. When Agamemnon insults a priest of Apollo, Apollo shoots his arrows into the Greek camp and causes a plague. There are many such instances throughout the Iliad. It is important to understand that these incidents are not literary devices. In those days, as Rudolph Steiner and others have said, humans had a natural clairvoyance. This was before the development of the rational intellect. So, even the most ordinary person could see the gods in action. Homer was merely being a journalist. This natural clairvoyance was lost as humanity developed the intellect and the rational faculties. The development of intellect was the next step in the evolution of the human race. The divine knew that natural clairvoyance would have to be sacrificed. But once intellect was developed Humanity would be able to have both, the natural clairvoyance and intellectual and rational faculties. This we see happening today in our time.

In astrology Aphrodite relates to Venus. Her behavior in the saga of Paris, Helen and the siege of Troy gives us much insight into the nature of Venus, and especially of those who are strongly under her influence.

For the the Venusian personality it is only the feeling of love that matters. Consequences are not an issue for them. They seem willing to take any consequence so long as they are in the feeling of love. So Helen and Paris sacrifice everything, not only their own lives but the lives of many others just to stay in that feeling of love. We see this to a lesser extent even in modern times. Two people fall in love and their families, business, finances get destroyed. Perhaps they know this in advance, perhaps they don’t. But they yield to the love impulse anyway. Their motto is “love conquers all “.

What happened to Paris, Helen and Troy itself is itself an object lesson.
Love needs wisdom to be a positive force. Love without wisdom is a very dangerous thing.