The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Wars happen on many levels. The kinetic war, the war on the ground, is only one level of it and perhaps the least important. Every war is also a propaganda war, and an information war. This contributes to the so-called fog of war. Thus we will get all kinds of conflicting reports about what is really going on. This is why the horoscope, which is above propaganda, is so important. It shows the cosmic perspective on things.

The best way to analyse this would be to work from the actual horoscope of this modern Ukraine government. But I don’t have this information, so we will look at this from the perspective of the winter solstice horoscope of December 21, 2021. We cast the chart for Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. The chart is shown above. It seems amazingly accurate. Pluto the planet of death is exactly opposed to the moon, the Lord of the horoscope, which denotes the Ukrainian people and also the infrastructure of the country. So much destruction of people and infrastructure is foreshadowed here. No question that the solstice chart is very dangerous for the country. Saturn is both a lord of the seventh house and occupies it. This shows a feeling of isolation from friends and potential partners. The citizenry feel alone. Abandoned. Venus is in the seventh house showing that they do have friends, but Venus is retrograde and in a sign of debility, Capricorn. Her power is very much weakened. Mars the planet of war rules the midheaven, the government and President Zelensky. Mars rules the president from the fifth house. The fifth house is the eighth house from the 10th. Thus his life is in danger. I’ve been reading that the Russians sent hit squads out specifically to murder him. He was offered safe passage out of the country by the Americans and other countries. He chose to stay, at least so far. But both his life and the life of his government are in great danger.

The moon, the average citizen, is weak compared to the planets that afflict her, namely Pluto. So the Ukrainians are the underdogs and not likely to win. Pluto the planet that afflicts the country also rules nuclear power. So there is a great danger of the use of a nuclear force. Hopefully nuclear weapons will not be used or needed. But I read that one of the Ukraine’s nuclear power plants was bombed and this could present a different kind of nuclear danger.

Jupiter in the eighth house shows increased death as well. This reinforces the moon Pluto opposition.

Jupiter moved into the ninth house on January 15 and is there right now. This shows international help. Perhaps help will come from religious organizations as well. This could also show people escaping out of the country. A lot of people.

Pluto, the planet that is afflicting the moon, the Ukrainian people, is in the sixth house of health. So, we are hearing about the use of biological or chemical weapons. The Russians accuse the Ukrainians of attempting this, the Ukrainians are accusing the Russians of the same thing. No question however that biological weaponry is an issue here. The Ukrainians have many biological labs throughout the country, some of which are very near the Russian border. This is one of the pretexts for the invasion. However, the Ukrainians feel that the Russians will use this against them. And, this seems to be world opinion.

Pluto in the sixth house also shows dangers for the Ukrainian people from disease, as a result of the invasion. The country has serious health issues.

Also I understand that hospitals were being bombed. This fits the symbolism of the chart.

Mars the planet of war, began to re-stimulate the solar eclipse point of December 4th from February 9th onwards. This is when we began to hear the threats of invasion. The actual invasion happened on February 24 where Mars was still in orb of this eclipse point. On February 24 Mars joined Pluto, The Lord of the chart, the people of Ukraine. This added to the death and carnage suffered by the people and the infrastructure of the country. Transmitting Mars was exactly conjunct to transiting Pluto from March 1st to March 4th. This was a very intense for the Ukrainian people. Since Mars rules the government, perhaps government decisions added to the carnage. Mars traveling with Pluto would show high casualties both on the Ukrainian and Russian side. On March 7th Mars moved into Aquarius away from its stressful aspect to the moon. Casualties should be less from here on in. In the spring horoscope, Mars will travel with Venus and both are conjunct to Saturn. This favours a cessation of hostilities and perhaps a cease fire. Venus is also traveling with Mars softening him. There is great hope for a negotiated settlement.