The Punishment of Sisyphus

The punishment of Sisyphus

Sisyphus’ punishment is very revealing. Imagine having to lift or roll a boulder – a heavy boulder – up a mountain and just as you get to the top the boulder crashes back to the ground and you must start over again. And he must do this for eternity. Imagine the frustration – the feeling of futility. Sisyphus lived in the state of futility. Perhaps as he neared the top of the mountain he experienced a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this time I will make it. And then the crashing down of the boulder and the realization that all his hard work was in vain.

In my metaphysical work I see the punishment of Sisyphus going on all the time. Students will work hard, diligently with their word, thought and application of the spiritual law. They make much progress. But then something happens. Perhaps someone insults them, or doesn’t do right by them. Perhaps a tradesmen overcharged them. The anger arises, they go into a state and in that state they deny all their previous work. Thus, nothing happens. Because the same law that would create what they want is used to destroy what they want. The law is working perfectly. Only it is being misused. This goes on and on and on just like Zeus’ punishment of Sisyphus. But the law is merciful and somewhere along the line, we don’t know when, a master or teacher will approach this person and show them where they are missing the mark. If they apply the teaching they can end the vicious cycle of futility and frustration.