the student will embrace the supernatural

In the early stages of spiritual development the student is of two minds, both at war with each other. There is the mortal mind, the 3D mind, which sees only appearances and reasons from those appearances. Then there is the budding spiritual consciousness which completely disregards appearances which it sees as mere side effects.

The unfolding spiritual consciousness urges the student to disregard appearances, side effects, and create the conditions and circumstances that it desires. The mortal consciousness sees this as dangerous and is totally fearful of it. Often this is very understandable. The creditors are hounding them. There is no source where money can come from. The bank account is depleted. How can one not be afraid or concerned?

This battle goes on and on for a while. But eventually the student will embrace the supernatural. He or she will stand calm in the face of negative appearances and embrace the supernatural. He or she will say inwardly, I don’t know how this thing will work out or happen but I trust the law, I embrace the supernatural. When this happens it is a major step forward in spiritual growth. The whole life will change for the better.

We use the word supernatural for want of a better one. For the operation of the spiritual law seems super natural by the standards of the mortal 3D mind. But really it is not supernatural. Really it is just the natural outworking of the spiritual law. It is as natural as the sunrise and sunset.

Faith in God is very important in the spiritual life. But along with that there needs to be faith in the spiritual law. Both are ultra important.