Deeper Compassion

Mercy and compassion are divine attributes basic to the nature of the divine. With Jupiter moving into Pisces and traveling near Neptune in the coming year compassion will be a big issue. If a begger comes to us we automatically give. There is a consensus in the secular community that hitting a child is cruel and evil. The death penalty for murderers is opposed on grounds of compassion. Illegal aliens are to be allowed into the country on grounds of compassion. But is this really compassion? Doesn’t compassion also extend to society at large? What if these aliens are criminals or worse? Should we just automatically allow them in without proper vetting? Is this compassion for people? If you go soft on a murderer and he goes on to commit more murders have you been truly compassionate? Have you been compassionate to the victims? If you can correct a child’s behaviour at an early age and prevent him or her from developing Destructive habits later on. Shouldn’t this be done? Sometimes a good smack at a young age will prevent many problems later on. Is this cruelty, is this child abuse?

If you see someone about to commit a murder should you give the perpetrator milk and cookies or should you use force or even cruelty to stop it? The point is that we need to think deeper about compassion- need to understand what compassion really is.

In truth, only the Divine, which has extended vision, can be truly compassionate. Our attunement to the Diviner will help us in this area – we will get the correct guidance in every situation.