Timing your meditations


In our last discussion of this we discussed the generally most powerful times in a given day to meditate. But there is more nuance to this.

Sure, sunrise, midday, and sunset are generally the most powerful times of any given day. But there are more, hidden times, that are also powerful.

Let us say that you wanted to work on your finances – to meditate on affluence and to envision your own personal prosperity. Sure, you could do these things at sunrise, midday or sunset and it would be good. But if you chose a time say when Taurus was rising or Jupiter was either rising or on the Midheaven – the meditation would have a lot more “oomph” to it. It would be better than sunrise, midday or sunset.

Let us say that you wanted to enhance your love life – either to draw love to you or improve a current relationship. You would want a time when Venus was either rising or on the Midheaven – her two most powerful positions in a day. Also having Libra rising or a Venus hour, would further improve the energy.

Not everyone has a horoscope that favors speculations. Some charts are just not like that (including mine). But one can increase the odds – better them – by either speculating when Jupiter is rising or on the Midheaven, or on a Jupiter hour. For speculating, sunrise and midday are also good. Its not always possible to time these things. But if you were choosing numbers for a lottery, (this is something you have some control over) you would do so at these times. It doesn’t guarantee winning, but it does improve your odds.