real seekers


If we look at organized religion superficially, we just see a conglomeration rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts, often with no apparent rhyme or reason behind them. It is understandable that real seekers will go elsewhere to get spiritual knowledge.

Often, the solution is not to go rushing into strange and exotic teachings. In many cases the solution is to delve deeper into one’s own native religion – to penetrate the outer crust – the human overlays that have been put on it. If one does this, one will find a mystical core – a deep truth – a metaphysics that is useful.

For, make no mistake, every religion has its mystical side. It is generally based on the mystical experiences – the supernatural experiences – of its founders. This is no doubt true for even religions of past ages. In many cases the newer religions merely co-opted these truths and presented them in a new package.

How does one go deeper? Find an expert in your native religion. Let him or her guide you into it and answer your questions. And, above all, meditate. Contact the Divine in you, the source of all religion. This will give you understanding. Eventually it will lead you to a place that is beyond religion.

Religious practices were meant to take a person to this place – to a place where the Divine can be contacted. Once it has done its job, it can safely be discarded.