9th House


We could make a case that the 9th house is easily the most important in the Horoscope. Perhaps even more important than the 1st, 4th, 10th, or 7th. For the 9th house shows us what a person’s metaphysical beliefs are. And this will show how a person lives his or her life.

Everyone has a personal religion – a set of core beliefs – a set of metaphysical values. You could call it one’s personal philosophy of life. This is seen by the 9th house. In most cases this personal religion is subconscious. The person is not aware of it. Its just there operating. In other cases (more rare) it is conscious.

The Hindus attach great value to this house. A Navamsa chart – based on the 9th house – is considered an adjunct to the normal Natal chart.

Two people can have the same Sun sign, but have different sets of values – different core beliefs. This will make a great difference between them.

Philosophy is much more important than psychology – this despite the fact that psychology is much more trendy. A person’s psychology will be determined by his or her philosophy. One’s philosophy – one’s core beliefs – will determine the psychological response. If a negative event happens, one person will brood over it and feel sad for a long time while another will say, yes it hurts, it is unpleasant, but it makes me stronger. This person will get over the trauma much faster than the other one.

Philosophy is the next frontier of mental health. And this is determined by the 9th house.