loss of physical objects


In our previous posts we were dealing with the so-called loss of physical objects. But there’s a lot more to this than that.

The apparently sick person feels that he or she has “lost” health. The breakup of a love relationship or a divorce also engenders feelings of loss – loss of a person or loss of love. Who hasn’t experienced this kind of thing?

The affirmation of “no loss” can be applied to these situations as well, with remarkable results.

The so-called “sick” person can affirm – NO LOSS IN THE MIND OF GOD. NO LOSS IN MY MIND. NO LOSS OF HEALTH. EVERYTHING IS RESTORED NOW. Keep this up. Repeat it daily – or many times a day – as needed. Watch what happens. This affirmation will remind you that health was never lost – spiritually the force of health – the healing power God – is always there. Yes, sometimes people can get disconnected from it (which is a good definition of disease – a mental or psychological disconnection – from the healing power of God) but it was never lost. Meditation on this fact will do wonders.

Love – which is a spiritual force – a Divine force – can never be lost. It is always there awaiting our recognition. So, the divorcee or the person in a love breakup, can affirm (remind themselves) NO LOSS IN THE MIND OF GOD. NO LOSS IN MY MIND. EVERYTHING IS RESTORED.

One of two things will happen. Either the old relationship will be restored, or a new and better one will come. Love can never be lost. All these dramas are only on the 3D level not in the real, spiritual world.