finding lost objects

No Losses.

The previous post describes just one incident in finding lost objects. There are hosts of them – too
numerous to catalog.

Let’s understand what we’re saying when we say “NO LOSS IN THE MIND OF GOD, NO LOSS IN MY
MIND”. Basically we affirm – remind ourselves – of a spiritual truth. The experience of loss can only
happen in the limited 3D human mind. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. In the spiritual world, everything is
in its rightful place. When an apparent loss happens, there is a tendency to forget this. So we remind
ourselves of the truth. And, as we hold to our affirmation, the belief in loss weakens and the items are“miraculously” found.

They were never lost to begin with. It was only in our consciousness that the so-
called loss occurred.

So lets say that you feel you lost some item. You’ve looked all over and can’t find it. (Of course you were
looking from a certain state of consciousness and this is why you couldn’t find it.) The thing to do is to
stop your searching and worrying and change your consciousness. Affirm that there is NO LOSS IN THE
MIND OF GOD (the only real mind there is), NO LOSS IN MY MIND, EVERYTHING IS RESTORED. Then
in your mind’s eye see yourself holding the object. Feel it in your hands.

Repeat this every time the thought or feeling of loss comes to you. In due course one of two things will
happen. Either the item will be “found” as described in the previous post or you will receive another item
that is better than the one that you lost. In the second scenario, the so-called loss, was merely the
cosmos taking something that wasn’t good enough for you and replacing it with something better.