No losses

No Losses.

Here is a letter I received today which illustrates a method for going about this. In a future post, I will go deeper into the method.

“Hello Joseph,

I’d like to share with you a very interesting experience I’ve had after our Thursday conversation, during which we were discussing the subject of “Loss”.

As I told you in our conversation, I’ve been missing my jewelry box filled with some of my favorite jewelry I used to wear and rotate between on the daily basis, which consisted of:
3 pairs of various gold earrings, a beautiful necklace made out of silver, a gold ring and a few other items…

By the time I told you about the disappearance of my jewelry box, my treasures have been missing for a couple of months already.
Prior to that my whole family was made aware of the incident, and everybody had looked for my jewelry trying to help me find them but to no avail…
After the search of every closet drawer in my bedroom and careful inspection of the car, and all other possible places I came to terms with the loss in my mind.
Although it was not a needle in a haystack but a box made out of red leather four inches in diameter and 3 inches in height, I just knew I was not going to find it…

During our phone conversation you taught me a technique you’ve used in the past with things you’ve been missing, and even when stock prices went down.
You reminded me not to accept losses, “No losses in the mind of God, no losses in my mind…”

Following your suggestion, I’ve used that affirmation a few times that day after finishing our conversation. However, a very bizarre thing happened that evening…
No, I didn’t find the jewelry I was looking for, instead, I lost yet another pair of my earrings, the diamond ones, and I was hysterical!

How could it possibly happen again?! After all, I just lost a good chunk of my jewelry, most of them were dear gifts, and now that??!! And no, I don’t have that much stuff that I don’t care if a few of them would get lost! I got so frustrated that my heart started to hurt…

When that happened, I made an effort to calm myself, and I silently repeated the affirmation again,
“No losses in the mind of God, no losses in my mind…”
As soon as I said it, I had a vision of my diamond earrings laying in the bed which I’ve already checked and rechecked plenty of times. Following the vision, I looked through my bed again, and there they were, my earrings were wrapped in between the sheets, just like the picture I had in my mind!

What happened next morning was even a bigger surprise.
Being on cloud nine after finding my earrings, and completely forgetting about the jewelry box, I walked up to my daughter’s room to get one of her sweaters.
As I opened the drawer of her armoire, please note, my daughter haven’t lived in the house for the last five years, I saw my red leather jewelry box “looking back at me”!

I still don’t know how and why my jewelry box happened to be in my daughter’s unoccupied room.
All I know is that it must have been a lesson of Trust for me, a Trust in God’s Abundance, so when I say the phrase “No losses in the mind of God, no losses in my mind…” in my daily meditation, I don’t just say it but I really know it, “…no loss, no loss, no loss…”

Joe, in conclusion, I’d like to thank you again for those priceless lessons of Wisdom and Truth you’ve been teaching me through the course of our wonderful friendship!

Thank You, God Bless! IK”