Timing your meditations


Its always good to meditate. Whatever time you choose will always be helpful. However, if you want to strengthen your practice, you can choose the more powerful times in a day, a month or the year. In a given day, the most powerful times are sunrise, midday, and sunset. The Sun is at its cardinal points. There is more energy. Midnight is also considered a powerful time, and some religions schedule their prayer work at this time. But the 1st 3 times are the most powerful. And if we have to choose between the 3 times, I would say that Sunrise and Midday would be the most powerful

In a given month, the New and Full Moon periods are generally the most powerful.

In a given year the solstice and equinox points are the most powerful. Meditation during these times (and prayer) will be much more powerful than at other times.

But there is another dimension to this as well. If you look at our Star Planners, you will see a section called “Thought for the Day”. These are affirmations/ meditations that derive their power from the astrological configuration of the particular day. For example and affirmation on wealth will be stronger when the Moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Meditations on love will be stronger when the Moon is in Taurus, Libra or Aquarius. Meditations on health will be stronger when the Moon is in Virgo. And so on and so forth for all the departments of life.

So when you do a meditation the position of the Sun and Moon plays a big role. These thoughts for the day, are based on the actual Sun and Moon positions of a given day. Now these affirmations are good any time you use them, but they will be more powerful – have more energy – if you do them on the day shown.