Peace = happiness


Happiness, joy and love are very high and wonderful vibrations. Wonderful states to be in. But above them all – a higher vibration – is Peace. Peace – the real inner peace – contains all these other things – it is their origin.

It is interesting that among the Jews the greeting to people – especially to friends – is SHALOM, which means peace. They don’t greet each other with wishes for love or happiness or health – just peace. This greeting is also said when saying goodbye. This is so for other cultures as well. Peace is above everything else.

This profound peace exists in every person – but tends to be covered over by the worries of this world.

So here’s a way to contact the inner peace that is already there.

Imagine yourself in a Sun of White Diamond Light. It doesn’t matter where you are physically. In your imagination, you’re in this White Sun. Feel the whiteness enveloping you. If you are into Kabbala, you can chant the names, EHEYEH, METATRON, CHAYOS HAKODESH. Chant it a few times until you feel the energy happening.

Once you’re established in this White Diamond Light, bring the energy of peace into your body with the breath. On the in breath, say I INHALE PERFECT PEACE PROFOUND. On the out breath say IT IS ESTABLISHED IN MY FLESH. Do this for 15 minutes or until you feel peace inside you – in your body and mind. Then you can stop.

Repeat this as often as needed.