Solar Return

What is the Solar Return?

The Solar Return chart is an advanced astrological technique. Your Natal chart always is what it is, but the Solar Return gives “flavor” and more specificity to it.

The Solar Return is exactly what it says. The Sun returns to its original position of your birth. It usually happens on your birthday, but not always. It can happen a day before (quite common when there is a leap year) or a day after (time changes from your place of birth can cause this.) The Solar Return is really an astronomical event – a cosmic event – not some human creation. In fact, the Solar Return should be considered the true birthday. Your cosmic birthday.

How Does it work?

If we cast a Horoscope for the exact time and place that this Solar Return occurs, we have what is called a Solar Return Horoscope. It is a picture of the coming solar cycle in your life. You read it as you would read a Natal Horoscope, only you’re dealing with just one year – the solar cycle. This ends on the next Solar Return. Solar Returns are different every year.

Sometimes the Solar Return will confirm what is seen in the Natal. Sometimes it will deny the Natal – in those cases both the event and the denial tend to happen. Or, the event happens with much complication.


But the Solar Return is much more than just your cosmic birthday. It is really your personal new year. Yes, we celebrate new year on a specific date – depending on your culture. But the Solar Return is your Personal new year. The beginning of your Solar Cycle for the coming year. All the practices that most cultures practice – review of the past year, setting goals for the coming year, celebration etc. should be practiced personally by the native who is having his or her Solar Return. Its an important day.