Kabbalistic method for balancing the chakras


This is a Kabbalistic (different from the yoga or Hindu systems) exercise to open, strengthen and balance the chakras.

Each chakra has a different color, but for our purpose we will use White Diamond – or White Brilliance.

Invoke the Archangels, angels and elementals of fire, earth, air and water. Draw your magical circle around you.

Put your attention above your head, visualize a white diamond sun there and chant the mantra – EHEYEH. Now put your attention in the brow center – a the point between your eyes – where the pineal gland is. Again visualize a white sun at that point. As you do so, chant the mantra YOD HAY VAV HAY – YEHOVA ELOHEEM.

Now put your attention on the throat center. Visualize a white diamond sun there. Chant the Mantra – YEHOVA ELOHEEM (chant the mantra a few times).

Now put your attention in the heart center – the center of the chest. Visualize the white sun there. Chant YEHOVA ELOHA VEDAAS.

Now put your attention on the solar plexus – near the belly button. Again visualize a white diamond sun – chant YEHOVA TSEVAOS – ELOHEEM TSEVAOS.

Now put your attention on the sex center (the groin). Visualize the White Sun, Chant SHADDAI EL CHAI. The names should be repeated a few times. Until you see the sun perfectly formed in the area.

You’re now lit up and radiant. Enjoy the feeling.