Star Planner – How You Can Use Them? – Part 2

new york city star planners

Many people have asked me why I feel that our Star Planners are superior to anything out there. So here goes. You can get ephemerises on line for free. These will give you all the planetary positions for any given day. The problem with those things is that the reader has to have some knowledge of astrology – everything is given in astrological short hand. You must know the symbols and what they mean to get anything out of them. I personally find these useful when I’m working in the woods and don’t have my books with me. I’ve also seen little pocket calendars – quite well done – that fit into the purse. Easy to carry – convenient. But again only someone well versed in astrology can use it. The layman will be totally lost.

And, even these products omit much information. They give you the planetary positions. They give you the retrogrades – very important to know. But they don’t give you the important rising signs and they don’t give you the best times of any given day to do certain things. Our Star Planners do. At a glance, a layman can plan his or her day. Do you want to schedule an important meeting? Look at “best times for communication”. Do you want to schedule a party? Or ask someone out on a date? Look at the “best times for love and social activities”. Do you want to plan your finances or play some speculation? You will find the best times for this too. Are you house hunting? The best times are here too. At a glance.

As we mentioned earlier. This doesn’t guarantee success, but you increase the odds in your favor.

Also understand, many times we don’t have free will in a given matter. The meeting will take place at such and such a time and there’s nothing that can be done about it. In those cases you just do your best. But there are many situations where we do have free will. In those cases our Star Planners are indispensable.

Because so much information is given it is impossible to cram this into a small pocket booklet. It has to be larger. It has to be easy to read. Thus the size of the Star Planners.

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