Star Planner – How You Can Use Them? – Part 1

star planner

Life is often a game of micrometers and milliseconds. Often the winner of a race wins by a few milliseconds. Thus little things can change the outcome. Was the Moon in the right aspect to the athletes’s Sun? Was Mars stressing him or her out? Did the race take place at an unfavorable time? These are the things that the astrologer explores. Good timing makes a big difference in life. Everyone knows this intuitively. So the object of our Star Planner is to show the reader the best times of any given day to do certain things.

Now calling that girl or guy you like on a Venus hour or when Venus is rising or on the Midheaven does not guarantee success. Many other factors come into play – notably your personal Horoscope and the personal Horoscope of the other person. However it does improve your odds. The love energy is stronger at those times. And, even if he or she rejects you, it will be a softer kind of rejection.

Playing the lottery on a Jupiter Hour or when Jupiter is Rising or on the Midheaven doesn’t guarantee a win. Again it merely improves your odds. Many other factors come into play with lotteries and speculations. Namely your personal Horoscope. Some people don’t have that kind of Horoscope. And, even those who do, might not be having that kind of year. For those who have this kind of Horoscope,playing at the right time will be very beneficial.

Because we strove for accuracy with these Star Planners, they have to be calculated for a specific city. They will be accurate for any place on earth on the same line of latitude as that city. But since there are so many different cities and so many different latitudes we only chose the big cities. However these can be developed for any place on earth – only it is a big project. Very time consuming.

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