Mercury And Your Health – 2

The main pathology of the mental body is Error. Error will not only cause pain and suffering in the outer affairs – due to bad judgements and decisions – but if held long enough will actually manifest as some physical pathology. Remember, mind and body are one – they are not separate things. A pathology in the mind will become a pathology in the body. The lower mind – the Mercury Mind – is very prone to error. It generally works with incomplete data. Also it generally doesn’t see the whole picture. So very important to cleanse the mind of error. The best cure for error is LIGHT. Invoke the light often and allow it to purge the mind of error.

Also it is good to take good care of the mental body. The mental body is invisible but very real. If the mental body is not getting what it needs – there will be subtle feelings of unease. You can’t put your finger on it – just a feeling that something is not right.

The needs of the mental body are similar to the needs of the physical body. It needs good nutrition – correct information – ideas of wisdom and truth. It needs exercise – just as the physical body does. So it is good to take courses in subjects that interest you. Good to read the good writers. Give the mental body exercise. Then it needs good digestion. These ideas need to be digested, chewed on, made part of the body. The essence is kept and the waste product is eliminated. Then the mental body needs good expression. Ideas need to be shared with others – either through the written or spoken word. If you have friends with whom you can discuss ideas, all well and good. If not keep a journal and express yourself that way.

This will go a long way to maintaining good physical and mental health.

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