Mercury And Your Health – 1

mercury and your health

In Astrology Mercury is the natural (the generic) ruler of health. Its interesting too that the Archangel associated with the Mercury force is Raphael. Now there are various ways to translate the meaning of the Archangel Raphael’s name. It can be translated as “God heals”, “God the doctor”, “the medicine of God” or “the healing power of God.” All these translations are correct. Hebrew is that kind of language. There are multiple ways to translate any word.

Lets also keep in mind that Mercury is also the generic ruler of the 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. And, even without that, Mercury is associated with thought and speech. If we want to understand a person’s mentality we always study Mercury, his position, and the aspects he receives.

So Astrology is giving us a very profound message about health. The ruler of the 3rd house and the planet that rules thinking and speech IS ALSO the health planet. Thus health is related to the way we think and talk. Our thought process directly impacts on physical health. Negative thoughts and negative speech will create pathology. Positive thoughts and positive speech will maintain good health.

A deeper message is that as long as a person has his or her mind, he or she can be well. It doesn’t matter what the prognosis is. Health is a mental issue. Change your thinking and you change your health condition.