Improving The Eyesight

improving the eyesight

(This is a spiritual approach and not a medical one. For the medical perspective please consult your doctor or health professional.)

Here are some things you can do to improve your eye sight.

Physical things.

The webbing between the big toe and the 2nd toe, the webbing between the 2nd toe and 3rd toe reflex to the eyes. Squeeze and massage them regularly. A few times a day.

Do the same on the hands – the webbing between the thumb and the forefinger and the webbing between the forefinger and 3rd finger also reflex to the eyes. Squeeze and massage them regularly Also massage the bones around the eyes – where the eyebrows are, the upper cheek bone, the bridge of the nose. Feel for anything painful there and press and massage them out.

Spiritual Exercise.

Say a prayer to God and ask for his help in this meditation.

Imagine a white diamond Sun around your head – your head is inside this Sun and the head is filled with white Diamond Light.

Feel this energy.

Then on the breath spin this circle clockwise and counterclockwise in a horizontal direction. In breath, spin it clockwise. Out breath spin it counterclockwise. spin the sun as fast as you can. do this 6 times in each direction.

Then spin the sun vertically – forward and backwards. Again on the breath. In breath, spin it forward. Out breath, spin it backwards. Do it 6 times.

Repeat a few times a day, as necessary.