A Spiritual Guide To Wealth: Part 6

guide to wealth

Now we get to the fun part.

You have your budget and are doing your best to live within it, but somehow you’re not cutting it. You’re tithing and saving and following, as best you can, the rules. This often happens with young people who are just starting out. The expenses, the needs, are more than they are making. What to do?

Well, on the common sense level, you can look for ways to earn more. Perhaps a 2nd job. Perhaps a part time job. But this is only a temporary solution. A quick fix. A band aid.

A deeper solution – a long term cure – is to operate the spiritual laws of affluence. Since you are tithing you have access to the Divine Supply. Look at your expenses and affirm, God is supplying a thousand times more. Repeat this often. Every time a worry or fear comes into your mind, affirm that God is supplying a thousand times more. Don’t entertain thoughts or feelings of lack – regardless of the physical evidence.

It is also good to meditate on the Affluence of God – the affluence of the Universe. Take time every day and affirm that “God is Super Affluent and Super Opulent in my consciousness now”. Gradually, over time, this will fit you into the “spirit of wealth” – the consciousness of it. Wealth ideas will come to you. Solutions to your present difficulties will come. Also, psychology you will feel much better.

Let’s say there’s a new car that you like. At the moment, you don’t have the money to buy it. Never mind. In the spiritual world there is no lack whatsoever. Take the car spiritually (don’t try to take it physically – this will only get you into deeper trouble). Imagine the car in your driveway or parked in front of your house. See yourself driving the car – owning it. Take the idea of the car and live in that consciousness. In due course, by the spiritual law, it will come to you – either the money for it will come, or it will come in other ways.

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