A Spiritual Guide To Wealth: Part 5

spiritual guide to wealth

Cosmic budgeting is very useful in that one has a plan to get into right proportion. Life, as they say, happens, and often unexpected events will throw the budget out of whack. But it gives you something to shoot for. A person probably won’t be able to stick to it in the beginning, but over time it will happen. The important thing is to keep trying. Stick to it where possible.

The financial life, like everything the Divine does, should be a thing of beauty – a work of art. And this will happen as one continues to apply the laws of spiritual affluence.

There are also many “tweaks” that can be applied to your budget. Overages in one category can be applied to another category that is deficient. If you don’t use all your leisure or miscellaneous money, you can apply it to rent or some other category.

Let us say that an unexpected expense happens – expensive dental work for example or the need to purchase a car. In that case, after tithing and paying yourself – deduct an extra amount “off the top” to deal with the unexpected expense (and if I is very large to at least pay down the extra expense). So let’s go back to our example of someone earning $40,000 a year. After tithing and savings the person is left with $2667. Let him deduct another amount off the top – say $500 – to pay down the new expense. This would leave $2167 for the other categories.

There is another way to deal with this kind of event – and it doesn’t contradict what has been written. Think of the expense and affirm GOD IS SUPPLYING ME NOW – GOD IS SUPPLYING A THOUSAND TIMES MORE MONEY THAN I NEED. Repeat this every time you feel worried about this expense. Don’t deny what you have affirmed. Stand in faith. Watch what happens.

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