A Spiritual Guide To Wealth: Part 4

guide to wealth

The Importance Tithing.
Tithing is not some scam to allow the church or synagogue to make money. It is some kind of spiritual law that we don’t understand. Students of the Bible know that Abraham gave 10% of all that he had to Malchitsedek – the King of Salem – after he won his battle with the 5 kings. Malchitsedek was, in effect, Abraham’s priest (or rabbi if you prefer). This was long before the Bible was written where tithing became a commandment. The tithe was ordained for the Levites, who had no inheritance in the promised land.

(There are all kinds of reasons for this.) They had no other way to earn a living. They lived on the tithes. The Levites in turn had to give a tithe of their tithes to the Priests. There is something mysterious and wonderful about this law – something magical. When a person’s tithes – he or she gives – they cease to become poverty stricken – cease to become beggars – and become givers and benefactors – at least while they tithe. It breaks the psychological cycle of poverty.One cannot be impoverished while one is giving. Further, it forces a person, to trust in the Divine Supply rather than the material supply. It forces one to rely on the Divine for one’s supply.

I consider it a powerful form of financial therapy. One of the best cures for poverty consciousness available. In the beginning it is hard. A struggle. A gut wrenching struggle. One has a certain amount of money which covers the rent let us say. But no, he has to give it to charity. This forces the person to Trust that the Divine will supply the rent money or utility money or whatever at the appropriate time.

It is gut wrenching but beautiful. For the person will find that the money needed will come. Also going
back to our cosmic budget – the personal will find – sooner or later – that the overages are taken care of in ways that he or she never imagined. After a while (not right away) the practice of tithing becomes 2nd nature. – normal and natural.

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