A Spiritual Guide To Wealth: Part 2

guide to wealth
  1. The Divine Wants You to Be Rich.

Regardless of your present circumstances, know that God’s Will if for you is affluence. The Divine is not withholding anything from us. He is giving you as much spiritual substance as he is giving to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos. The only difference is one of capacity. The ocean of affluence doesn’t care how much water you take. But some people go to it with a thimble or tea cup, while others go with a bucket or barrel. If you want more enlarge your capacity to receive. The other caveat is that you have to prosper HIS way not your way.


  1. Live Within Your Means.

This is difficult in our “keep up with the Jones’ culture”. It is especially difficult for younger people who have large desires but are not yet at the income level to attain them. Hence they go into debt and otherwise lead stressful lives. They work just to pay their rent and expenses, when they should be building wealth. The pile up of debt creates all kinds of financial crises down the road. There is a need toget spending and income into some kind of right proportion – which leads us to the next rule.


  1. Set up a Budget and Work to Live Within It.

A proper budget should have money allocated for everything. It should be a thing of joy not of limitation. A proper budget gives you control over your finances rather than letting finances control you. A proper budget is a means to liberation not limitation. It should ensure “proportionality” in your spending – and right proportion is a good definition of beauty. Now in the beginning – especially for those of limited means – it can be hard to live within a budget. Its something to strive for. One works one’s way into it. Don’t be dejected if you can’t immediately do it. Keep trying and eventually it will happen.

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