Astrocartography Book Review

Where In The World? Astro*Carto*Graphy & Relocation

WHERE IN THE WORLD Astro*Carto*Graphy & Relocation By Erin Sullivan. The Wessex Astrologer, PO Box 9307, Swanage BH19 9BF, England. Trade Paper. 261 Pages. £18.50, US $26.00.

This was originally published in 1999 and has long been out of print. Three cheers for the publishers for bringing it back. It is basically a transcript of seminars that the author gave in 1997. The format works very well. You feel that you are in class attending the seminar.

Astrocartography (or astro mapping) is a relatively new development in Astrology. It enlarges our understanding of ourselves and of astrology itself. The normal Natal chart is cast for your birth date, time and place. It shows the conditions you were born into at a certain place and time. It sees you as a creature of that time and place. Astrocartography is not a denial of this but an enlargement. You are not just a creature of a certain time and place, but a “global” being – a citizen of the world. Different aspects of your self express themselves differently in different parts of the world. This is a ground breaking perception. (We can take this even further – we are also citizens of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe itself – and none of this denies the Natal Horoscope. But this is beyond our scope here.)

You can be one way in your present locality but a whole different way in another – your Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn lines – for example. Knowledge of this is helpful for planning vacations or relocating.

Do you feel a yen, a pull, to a certain country or city? Chances are that it lies on some important line in your Horoscope. I have seen this time and time again. There are places that enhance the better angels of your nature and places that emphasize the lesser angels. It is good to understand these things. When planning a vacation you might want to avoid the dangerous places and focus on the benefic ones. The same if you are planning a move.

All these things are thoroughly explained and discussed.

The first part of the book deals with astromapping. There are numerous cases histories – actual charts of actual people – to illustrate her points. The meaning of all the planetary lines are discussed. For me, the Horoscope of Andrew Cunanon was the most powerful proof of astrocartography. Cunanon was a serial killer. Among others he killed the high profile Gianni Versace. He killed in various locales. But each of them was on his Mars line!!!!! (It seems to me that this kind of knowledge would be useful to the police in catching serial killers.)

Now Andrew Cunanon had serious personal issues. Mars didn’t force him to do the killings. However, he became more of his Martian self along those lines.

I also liked the use of astrocartography to rectify Horoscopes where the time of birth is unknown. She shows this in the case of Princess Diana. But it would work for others too. The planetary lines would be a big clue as to the correct chart to use.

The 2nd part of the book deals with relocation and the relocation chart. This is a big issue for many people and especially for companies. Often large sums of money are involved with this. Basically you take your Natal chart and cast it for the city that you’re considering. You make it “as if” you were born in that city at that time. Thought this doesn’t change the planetary positions and aspects. The problems and gifts you were born with are still there, but the planets get “shifted around” – and often in more beneficial ways. The relocated chart doesn’t replace your actual Natal chart, but is used as an “add on”.

So this is good guidance in a person’s choice for relocation. I would say though that there is a lot more to it. The relocation chart is a good thing to look at, but we need to keep in mind that every city has its own Natal chart (the date of its incorporation). If big money is involved a synastry (compatibility) between you (or your company) should be done with the chart of the city. Often what looks good in a relocation chart, can be stressful by synastry.

The book is a tour de force, not only with astromapping and relocation but in astrology itself. She displays a mastery of the field.

I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners – they would be lost. But it is an excellent work for advanced and intermediate students. Not only will they learn the ins and outs of astromapping, but their overall knowledge of astrology will expand and deepen.

Highly recommendable.