Investing With The Stars pt2

Investing with the Stars

Following up from our previous ‘Investing with the Stars’ post we continue on understanding the rulership of each sign, starting with Libra.

  • Libra rules the beauty industry in all its forms. It rules fashion, cosmetics, art, makers of art supplies, jewellery, and makers of jewellery. Any company involved in beautifying the world or people comes under Libra. Interior design companies; manufacturers of paint; companies that supply hairdressers and salons; dealers in art, art galleries, and art auction houses. Sugar and cocoa as commodities and companies that sell or make these kinds of products; candy companies. There are many, many public companies that fall into these categories. Copper could also be co-rules by Libra (along with Taurus).


  • Scorpio rules the surgical industry, makers of surgical supplies, companies that supply surgeons; companies that supply the intelligence services, makers of spy equipment and the like; mutual funds, insurance companies, hedge funds; tax attorneys, makers of tax software; accounting firms; mortuaries and undertakers.


  • Sagittarius rules higher education, the travel industry, foreign investments, international communications – shipping, transportation, and long-distance telecommunications; for-profit universities; travel agencies and airlines.


  • Capricorn rules the corporate world, commercial real estate, the old line, large-cap stocks such as are listed in the DOW or S&P 500 or FTSE; conservative type investments; lumber; lead as a commodity and companies that manufacture or refine lead; government contractors.


  • Aquarius rules the tech industry, the online world, online media; companies involved with science and suppliers of scientific equipment; companies involved with new inventions and innovations


  • Pisces rules oil, natural gas, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas drillers, the water industry, water bottlers and water purifying companies; water utilities; certain pharmaceuticals come under Pisces – makers of mood-enhancing drugs, pain killers and anesthetics; the shoe industry; shipping, ship-builders, boat makers.


Now that we understand the rulership of the signs, we can now follow the movements of Jupiter and Saturn through the signs.

As we mentioned earlier, Jupiter in a sign is bullish for everything ruled by that sign. Jupiter will generally (but not always) stay in a sign for a year. So as an investor you would want to see where Jupiter is headed in the year ahead or in future years. Right now, Jupiter is moving into Aquarius, the ruler of high tech and the online world. So, you would look at these industries. Do your homework. Identify healthy companies. Observe the prices. Don’t just run in and buy but watch the prices and when an opportunity comes (and it usually will – through a correction) you can enter. The gradual way is usually the best. Go in with a small amount and hold. Let Jupiter do his work. If the price continues to go down, you can add to your position. Hold until you are in profit. When Jupiter leaves, you can decide whether you want to stay in or sell. It’s up to you.

Jupiter will move into Pisces in 2021 – but only for a few months – from May 14 to July 29 2021. So oil, natural gas, water utilities – the industries that come under Pisces1 should spike up. But again, don’t just rush in and buy, do your homework – identify the healthy companies. Again watch the prices and go in at an advantageous price. Jupiter will leave Pisces on July 29, 2021 but re-enter on December 30, 2021.