Investing With The Stars 1

Investing with Astrology

There are many ways that astrology can be used to assist in investing. Some are very complex and require much time, whereas some are so complex that only a trained astrologer can use them. One can cast the Horoscope of a given company (and birth data for most companies are available by checking the date of incorporation which would be available at the Secretary of State’s office). Then by following the transits and progressions affecting the company one can get a good idea of how a company will be faring at a given time. This will work well if you just limit yourself to one or two companies. But consider that there are thousands of publicly traded companies out there. Then the task becomes insurmountable even with computers. (Probably some computer genius will develop an algorithm in the future that makes things easier – but as of now, it’s not very practical.)

There are ways to micromanage an investment or industry. These involve watching the rising signs in a given day. But this too is very complex and not recommended for beginners. These techniques are good for people who want to devote their whole day to investing. It requires your full attention.

So here we will explore very simple techniques – easy to learn – easy to apply. We will follow the movements of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is usually in a sign for about a year (approx.). Saturn is in a sign for about 2 ½ years. Jupiter is beneficial and expansive and his presence in a given sign denotes overall prosperity and expansion in all areas that the sign rules. Saturn is restrictive. His presence in a sign denotes limitation and contraction in all areas ruled by the sign. This information is easily available in any ephemeris and even a beginner in Astrology can learn this.

It is very important to do your normal due diligence even when using astrology. The movements of the planets are not a substitute for this. However, they can guide your decision making.

Every sign rules certain industries – those in tune with the nature and energy of the sign. These lists are far from complete, but there is enough to give us a good start.

  • Aries rules the military, military contractors (and there are many publicly traded companies involved with this), arms makers, arms dealers; sports, athletics, makers of sports and athletic equipment; companies that supply the police and firefighters; makers of firefighting equipment; Hat makers; Gyms and Fitness companies, the Iron and steel industries, makers of dental equipment and dental care products; sports cars.


  • Taurus rules rural real estate, farms, and farmland; the beef industry, ranchers, meatpackers, producers and sellers; copper the commodity, copper miners and copper processors; makers of neckties; makers of throat medicines and lozenges, companies that cater to singers and vocalists.


  • Gemini rules education; for-profit schools, newspapers, retailers, makers or speech therapy products; traders and trading companies; telephones and telephone companies – especially domestic; taxi companies; cars; domestic delivery companies.


  • Cancer rules residential real estate, hotels, motels, places of lodging; the food business in general, restaurants; companies that cater to the homeowner – furniture makers, landscapers; the psychological field; makers of maternity clothing and supplies; companies that sell to women – especially mothers.


  • Leo rules the entertainment field in all its forms – the music industry, the theatre, movies, casinos, resorts, companies that cater to youth and the youth market, toymakers and sellers; gold, the commodity, gold miners and gold refiners; electric utilities, power companies.


  • Virgo rules the health field in all its dimensions – pharmaceuticals, health foods, pharmacies, and health food stores; doctors and companies that supply them; employment agencies; companies that train workers; head-hunter firms.