The Open Door

the open door

Many students get confused about when one should apply 3D solutions to a problem and when they should apply the metaphysical approach. The answer is very simple. If you are confronted with a situation — a repair, or some financial expense – if there is something that can be done on the material plane, then it should be done. Pay the bill or make the repair. But if you’re confronted with a situation where the physical doors are closed – perhaps with a marital or family spat, or with a career conundrum, or you seem to lack the funds to make a payment for the expense – that is the time to work metaphysically.

The physical doors might be shut to you but the spiritual doors are always open and we can always avail ourselves of this.

If, god forbid, you or someone you love has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. The material doors are closed. There is nothing any human being can do. This is when we work spiritually. We affirm that “God is Health and I AM the open door to Divine Health”. Keep it up and watch what happens. Perhaps a big bill is due and the money for it doesn’t seem to be there. Affirm “God is Super affluence and super opulent in my consciousness and I AM the open door.” Keep this up and you will see the funds you need come to you – probably in unexpected ways. Sometimes, the bill gets renegotiated on easier terms. One way or another (we don’t know how) the financial problem will be resolved.

Keep in mind that the resources of the 3D mind are very limited. When you work spiritually, you work with infinite resources of the Spirit – not just your own.

I AM the Open Door.