Luck is Lawful

There are two words that only apply to the 3D mortal mind – the limited mind that thinks only from the 5 senses. These words are “coincidence” and “luck”. When the 3D mind can’t explain an event it is attributed to either luck or coincidence. The truth is that these don’t exist. Everything that happens, good bad or indifferent, happens by law – the spiritual law. This can be complex at times. Often it is the use of the “word”, often it is astrological phenomena, often it is the outworking of karma – good or bad. But everything is lawful and not coincidental.

What we call “luck” therefore is also lawful. It is not “dumb luck” – not haphazard – but the outworking of spiritual law.

In Astrology we consider the planet Jupiter to be the ruler of “good luck” – of Divine Favor. Jupiter, the Roman name for Zeus, was the king of heaven – the supreme god of all the gods. So when Jupiter is moving in a person’s favor, he has the favor of the supreme deity – and thus enjoys “good luck”.

But really what happens when Jupiter makes favorable aspects to a person? Somehow, on a subconscious level, the person, gets into alignment with the Higher and thus “good luck” appears. The Jupiter force in the person is strengthened. The planetary force upon which Jupiter is acting comes more into alignment with the Higher and thus happy events happen.

More important than the temporary good luck that Jupiter brings, is the revelation that he brings. The temporal good, quickly passes, but the revelation – if one seizes it and understands it – will be forever. Thus what we want is the revelation that Jupiter brings – the understanding of the law – rather than the temporary good (happy though that is). With the revelation we learn the laws of good and thus can demonstrate it always. We can have permanent good luck. Others might say “oh he is just lucky” – but we know better.