The Healing Power of Faith – Part 2

Astrology gives us another perspective on the relationship between faith and science. Science, knowledge, knowing, is ruled by Aquarius. Faith, is rules by Pisces. Pisces comes directly after Aquarius. So, the message here is that Science leads to faith. Knowledge tells us what to believe or not believe. But the reverse is also true. Faith will lead to knowledge. (In the precession of the equinoxes, the order goes from Pisces to Aquarius). Without faith there will be no real knowledge. And without knowledge there will be no real faith. They work together.

We can take this even further. Faith can be seen as a form of knowledge – soul knowledge. It is something that the soul knows without any outer evidence for it. It is internal knowledge. In the scripture, faith is called “the substance of things hoped for” – a literal spiritual substance, that must and will manifest – in its own time.

We mentioned earlier that Faith is perhaps the most important of the healing powers. Why? Because all the other methods and techniques depend on faith. Without faith the other methods won’t work as they should. (They tend to work according to your degree of faith – 50% faith, will give 50% result; 30% faith will give a 30% result etc. etc.

So, for example, let us say you are working with the healing powers of the Air element. You are inhaling a particular quality that you want to build into your body and psyche. As you inhale you must believe that you are actually doing it. If you’re breathing in “wellness”, you must believe that this energy is coming into the body. The same with the quality of Beauty or any other quality that you want.

If you are working with the element of Water, you must see and believe that the water is cleansing your inner bodies as it is cleansing the outer. You visualize it and see it and feel it. And even if you don’t see and feel it – which often happens – you believe that it is happening. Then you will see amazing results.

When you invoke an Archangel or Angel, though they are invisible to the senses, they are real beings. And, when you call them they come. If you don’t believe in them (somewhere in your consciousness) you won’t get the connection and energy that you should get.

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