The Healing Power Of Faith

Previously we have described many of the healing properties of the Spirit. Healing is available to everyone, under all circumstances and at all times. We live in a universe of health. The issue is to connect up to these forces in a conscious way.

But there is one healing power that is perhaps more important than all the others we have mentioned. Faith. It is faith – trust – that enables to connect and employ all the other healing powers. “Without faith it is impossible to please him” – this would apply to healing as well.

What do we mean by faith? We mean a sense of “trust” – a trust in the Spiritual Laws and their outworking. It is not naiveté. It is the faith that the mathematician has when he or she follows the laws of mathematics. If the procedures are performed correctly, a correct answer will result. It is the faith we have that when we turn the key in our car, it will start.

Of course this Faith comes from knowledge – a knowledge of how things work in the world – a knowledge of how we actually function – a knowledge of the spiritual laws. Some people are born with this faith. They have it innately. With others, this innate knowledge has been covered up by secular, 3D thinking. But this innate knowledge is still there and must be contacted.

I often hear people say, “well this all sounds very nice but I’m scientifically oriented and this is not science”. (Oh yes it is, but it is spiritual science, not secular.) But even hard nosed scientists operate by faith. What you say? Science is the opposite of faith. Faith has nothing to do with science. Science is about hard facts and empirical data. But look at this deeper. The scientist believes (has faith) that the laws of nature are knowable. This faith underpins all his or her efforts. If this faith was lacking what would be the point of all the experiments and observations?

Then there is another faith that they have (which happens to be faulty). This faith believes that the evidence of the senses along with their extensions -microscopes, telescopes, scans etc. – are real. The mantra that we hear is “if it can’t be seen or measured, it doesn’t exist”. The metaphysical perspective is just the opposite. The evidence of the senses, while tangible, are only side effects of other forces and causes.