Neptune’s Misuses

Neptune’s energy is perhaps the most sacred, most spiritual of all the planets. It leads us directly to the Divine. Its action is one of transcendence – the ability to rise above every days (so called) reality and see things from a higher perspective – from the Divine perspective. This ability changes everything. What seems evil or a disaster from the 3D mortal level, is seen as a great good from the higher perspective. It is seen as the outworking of a larger plan – a plan for good. This changes many of our attitudes and emotional reactions.

On the other hand, this sacred energy often gets missed. Generally not in a malicious way – but from a place of error. There is a tendency to “mix levels”. The laws of one level of reality are often untrue on another level. As an example, a person is stuck in a traffic jam. From his vantage point, it seems endless. He has no idea when or if it will end or what he has to do in the situation. Should he get off at the next exit? Should he stay where he is? Now, lets imagine, that he can suddenly (through the Neptunian power of transcendence) look at the situation from on high – from an airplane. From this vantage point, he sees that the traffic jam is only for a few miles. So, he knows to stay where he is as the jam is only temporary. But let us say that he now applies the law of the airplane to his present situation. He tries to fly over the other cars. He will soon get into a serious accident.

This is a routine misuse of Neptune’s energy. One sees an ideal from a high level and tries to apply it to the present situation. This will create destruction. On this level the Ideal needs to be attained in gradual ways – according to the laws of this physical dimension.

Another example. Neptune sees no forms and no barriers. This is true on a high spiritual level. But to try to eliminate forms on this level, you have destruction. People won’t have houses to live in. There would be no personal space. One could unite with anyone on a physical level at will. (Rape anyone?)

So the correct way to use Neptune’s energy is to allow this vision to manifest in its own way – then the results will be harmonious.