Understanding The 4 Elements Of Astrology


 The 4 elements of astrology (and alchemy) – fire, earth, air and water – are considered the building blocks of nature. A healthy body needs a correct balance of these elements. The Universe itself is a combination of these 4 elements.


Now it is important to understand the fire, earth, air and water should not be taken too literally. Really they are symbols for different states of matter. The fire element symbolizes the state of “radiant energy”- the solar and electrical state of matter. Air is a symbol for the Gaseous state; water for the liquid state and earth for the solid state.


These states of matter can change. For example, Air can become liquid if it is cooled to a certain temperature. Thus liquid oxygen or helium – normally of the air element – would be considered “water” in its liquified state. Steel which is solid and normally considered of the earth element, if heated, would liquify – and thus be considered of the water element. Heat up the steal more and it would become gaseous and thus be considered of the Air element.


The 4 elements in a Horoscope also have psychological equivalents that come from their meanings. Thus a person strong in fire tends to be dynamic, active, outgoing, attempting to impact on the environment. A person strong in Air would be more intellectual, more communicative, more interested in ideas and theories. A person strong in Water would tend to be emotionally and physically fluid. The would be a strong emotional nature and an ability to empathize with others. A strong earth person would be down to earth – solid. He or she would like their routines and like creating ease and comfort in the physical world.