The Perfect Body

the perfect body

It is our job in life to manifest – or build – our own Temple of Solomon – the perfect physical body. The body in which the Divine can live and operate. This is the hidden symbolism of “building the temple”.

In order to do this, we need to understand what this body – the 3D body – is. Masters, such as Vitvan, don’t even use the word “body”. He says it doesn’t really exist. He refers to it as a “configuration of units of energy” in a certain pattern. It is not a “thing”. It is something dynamic. It is changing constantly.

The body pattern – the idea upon which these units of energy form – is our “idea” of body. Our self-concept. So, if we are dissatisfied with the body as it is, we must change the pattern. This pattern or image is generally held unconsciously.

Since the body is an energy system and obeys the laws of energy, changes in our thinking, feeling and focus, must change the body. Good and noble thoughts and feelings will elevate the body and heal it. Negative thoughts and attitudes will further degrade the body and appearance.

The body can’t help itself. It has no will of its own. It has appetites and habits (karmic momentums). These need to expend themselves. But sooner or later, it must accept the image that you create for it.

Many people begin from the place of side effects. They get into various kinds of diets, workout regimes and take this supplement or that one. These things can be very good – we don’t intend to knock them – but it is putting the cart before the horse. It is best to surrender your diet, body and personal appearance to the Divine – Let your Will be done here – and let the Divine manage things. If a certain food or diet is necessary it will come. If a certain workout regime is necessary, it will come.

Putting the Divine in charge of your diet will produce internal kinds of changes. Your cravings will change. You will only crave things that are right and healthy for you. Your “gut” will tell you whether a food is right for you and also inform you that you’ve eaten enough. In short, your body will be maintained in perfect harmony.