Adventures in Meditation – Part 2

meditative state

In the early 1980’s I was restarting my Astrology practice after a two year stint in Japan. I had been practicing in Japan, but for one corporate client. Now, on my return, I had to get back into the swing of things with “regular” retail clients. I did all the things that one is supposed to do. I had business cards printed up and attended parties and gatherings (horrible affairs) and dutifully passed them out. I accepted every radio invitation that came along. But the results were not good. The people that came from the radio interviews, either couldn’t or wouldn’t pay. Basically they would call for free astrological advice. The parties I attended (and often there was much travel involved) never really yielded the desired results – basically, the same story – people wanting free astrological advice. Sometimes clients would come from these things and often they wouldn’t pay – even after I had mailed their charts. Something was not right and I didn’t understand what it was. I was seriously behind in my rent, and paying even little bills like the electric or phone bill was a major stress. But I was a meditator. One day, as I was sitting in my rose garden in the backyard, an amazing, eye opening, revelatory event happened that clarified everything for me. I was in the rose garden meditating. The last thing on my mind was business. In fact, I was hiding from the phone. My backyard was separated from the street by a fence. You could see people walking by. A lady, the friend of a neighbor walked by and actually jumped the fence. She said to me “you must give me a reading, I’m desperate! You must, you must, you must!” And so I did. No way to refuse her. She even paid me (not with money but with clothing – things I needed – and they lasted for many years). After the reading, the Inner Voice spoke. “Your clients are predestined. They are unavoidable and inescapable.” And my eyes were opened. I had been going about things in the “human” mortal way. I believed that I could somehow “generate” clients through human marketing gimmicks and human publicity, when all the time those who were supposed to have readings were always there and didn’t need any coaxing or salesmanship. Here I was attending horribly boring parties and trying all the human ways to build my practice, when what was really needed was stillness and “allowing” the Higher Consciousness to have its way. Everything was planned out. Success was assured. I needed to “step aside” and just allow things to happen.

I am eternally grateful to the lady who jumped the fence. After that experience I completely changed my ways. I threw out all my business cards. I never advertised or marketed again. I began to rely on the Divine for my needs. I started to attract good clients – people who I could help, who needed the help and were willing to pay. My work became a pleasure. There was no more salesmanship, marketing or gimmicks. Just the best astrology that I could practice. I have not used a business card since that time.

This is what meditation gives to a person. It gives the “inner breakthrough”. It is not the events that happen that are so important, but the revelation that comes – this changes everything.

Another personal experience with meditation. This occurred in early 1988. This was a few years after the experience with the lady who jumped the fence. I was still in process of re-starting my astrology practice. Things were improved, but still not up to my expectations. It was winter. It had just snowed. Not only that, but melting snow had turned to ice and even walking was a dangerous proposition. I decided I would spend quiet time at home.

I am sitting in meditation. It is going well. I am in the stillness, the great silence. A soft voice speaks to me – it says simply – go to the store and buy the NY Post. No explanations. No rationalizations. No attempt to convince me of anything. Just – go to the store and buy the NY Post.

The reader needs to understand what a startling message this was. First off, I never read the NY Post. Second, it is very cold and icy outside, not really safe or comfortable to go out walking. It sounded like a “wild goose chase” to me – to my logical 3D mind.

Filled with doubt and questioning I reluctantly obeyed. I had enough sense, in spite of my difficulties, to obey the still small voice. I got dressed, and slidded and slided the few blocks to the store where they sell the newspapers. I got the paper and slidded and slided back home. A very hazardous enterprise that day. Getting home safely was a miracle in itself.

I started reading and there is nothing much there…. a few murders, government scandals, and celebrity gossip. Nothing really of interest. But then I get to the want ad section. And there I see something totally startling – there is an ad for an Astrology writer! No details. Just “astrology writer” needed. Amazing. I don’t think I ever saw such an ad in my life… nor have I seen one since then. Now, in a flash, I understood the voice. And I knew I would get this position. There was no hope or wonder – just pure knowledge. I called the number, met with the people, showed them my credits (and they were numerous, a few books, 50 or so articles, lectures etc.) and within a few days I was hired. The job was to write yearly and monthly forecasts for MCI – at that time the number 2 long distance carrier after ATT – a huge Fortune 500 corporation. At that time they had a “telex” service (telex is now a thing of the past, but remember this was the 1980’s). People could order up a telex for the latest news, stock market movements, or horoscopes. Every time they ordered a report they were charged a certain fee. The astrology reports became quite popular and everyone involved did well. These reports were later (in 1994) picked up by Harper Collins who made it into a book. And this book continues to this day (2009). Foreign publishers also bought the rights. And so this whole enterprise mushroomed into something beyond my imagination (and by the way beyond the imagination of the people who hired me).

A still small voice – without any explanations – was responsible for the whole thing.

I later learned that this ad only ran for two days. So I HAD to go the store that day and get the paper – ice and snow notwithstanding.

As you can see meditation is not going to make you miss any “real” opportunity or any project that you are supposed to be doing. On the contrary, it will bend the laws of the cosmos to insure that you do it.

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