Collaboration with Evita’s Seasons  


The Mandala is a balanced and proportional form. Its colours, shapes and geometries attune a person to certain cosmic energies. The Mandala can represent the cosmos metaphorically or symbolically.  

In Astrology, it can represent certain aspects of ones chart and star sign. More in-depth Mandalas can also be created to represent ones Health, Money or Love Mantra. Simply put, they are aesthetically beautiful and a meditative healing in themselves. 

It is for this very reason, that I am delighted to be able to showcase my Mandalas through a collaboration with Evitas Seasons (www.Evitas-Seasons.com). They have brilliantly translated my designs on to a choice of Canvas, Framed Poster and T-shirt. Thank you, Evita! 

I hope you enjoy them. 

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