Fastest Way Out Of A Health Problem

spiritual health

I’m writing this for the students of the light. Others will not understand this. In our view, the physical body and the physical universe is merely the side effect of other causes. These causes lie in consciousness – the sum total of a person’s thinking and feeling and the moods that are derived from that.

So, if we find ourselves in an undesirable physical condition or circumstance, the solution is to change the consciousness – the causal level – as quickly as possible. The attention needs to shift from the actual condition to the spiritual realities. (It was the departure from the spiritual realities that caused the problem in the first place.)

It is an empirical fact that the mind is independent of the body. No matter what is going on in the body a person can think and image as he or she wills. There is total freedom here. And, it is in the use of this freedom that healing and change can happen. So, no matter what is going on in your body, place the attention – focus – on the spiritual reality of health. Focus and keep the focus. If the condition is something of long standing – there is much karma behind it – the focus will have to be held for a longer time. Don’t get into analyzing – What’s causing this? Why is this happening? Is it my diet? Is it the medication I took? Is it this disease or that disease? Drop all of this and keep the focus on health – which is the true spiritual condition. The mantra “God is health” is simple and effective. Repeat it over and over again. Lull yourself to sleep with it. If you maintain this, you will note improvement in the condition. Your attention is bringing in the natural healing powers of the universe to bear on the condition. We don’t know exactly “how” improvement will happen. Often it happens by itself without any human intervention. But sometimes a pill or herb or therapy or doctor is necessary. And, if this is the case, these things will come to you naturally
and normally.

As you get into the consciousness of health, you will see – by revelation – exactly what caused the problem. There is no need to spend time (and interfering with your meditation) in analysis.