Further Thoughts On Coronavirus

thoughts on coronavirus

For the past few months, we have been watching an amazing spiritual drama unfolding. Something
none of us has seen in our lifetime. There are many spiritual lessons here.

First off it is important to understand that the divine didn’t send coronavirus. This was a buildup of
karma. Now Karma is part and parcel of the divine law. But Karma is impersonal. It is merely the
consequence of the collective thought feeling and action. Since it is an aspect of the divine some
people might say it was sent from the divine. But it is merely the way The Universe is set up. Some have
called, Karma the true guru. For how would we learn what is good and bad except through
experiencing the consequences of our free will?

One of the important spiritual lessons is to show us the proper way to react to a crisis. The damage that
was done by coronavirus itself was very negligible. True, here in America there were approximately
100,000 deaths. This, of course, is 100,000 too many. But when you consider this in terms of the total
population of approximately 325 million people it is very negligible. Also, the overwhelming majority of
deaths occurred in nursing homes and with elderly people with previous health conditions. Among
children, fatalities were close to zero. I have read that a young and healthy person was more likely to die
from a lightning strike than from COVID-19. So it was not the virus itself that caused all the damage but
the human response to it which was way over the top. Fear and panic are not the spiritually appropriate
way to deal with a crisis. The spiritual person takes appropriate precautions but faces things with faith
and confidence in the divine. He invokes the divine law and trust that it will operate. Lest anyone accuse
me of being anti-science or a science denier let me state unequivocally that I am pro-science. But pro
real science, not the 3-D variety that is being peddled. I am pro a science that takes into account the
spiritual realities.

The other spiritual lesson and perhaps the most important one is seeing how fleeting and insecure
material wealth is. We tend to rely on our business or family or parents or our investments for our
supply. But this reliance leaves us on shaky ground as we have just seen. The stock market can turn on
a dime. Mighty Companies can go bankrupt. We have seen this many times in the past. People
invested in Bernie Madoff and felt that their retirement was secure. People invested in companies like
WorldCom and Enron for the same reasons. They seemed invincible. In the end, we must rely on the
source of all supply, the divine. The human response to COVID-19 wiped out many small businesses. In
other times fortunes were demolished by communist or socialist or other political upheaval‘s. There is
only one source of supply that is untouchable, the Divine. Sometimes it takes a crisis like this to make
one realize this truth. Those that do will find that their fortunes are restored rather quickly. Perhaps in a
way that they never previously imagined.