Creationism and Evolution 2


After studying Kabbalah I saw that there was a way to reconcile the two seeming antagonistic positions of evolution and creationism. Much of Darwin’s insights could be true. Much of what scientists have discovered about the age of the Earth could be true. Yet, behind it all is the Creator.

How could this be?

According to Scripture the Lord created the heavens and earth by his WORD. This creation happened on a very high dimension – a spiritual dimension that we call BRIAH. The word “Beraishis” in Hebrew is a derivative of BRIAH. Thus there is a link between these two words and expresses that the Divine Creation wasn’t yet physical. It happened on a high abstract mental plane. The only plane above BRIAH is ATSILUTH. This is before mental forms or patterns and represents the “urge” to create. In BRIAH this urge is translated into mental patterns – archetypal patterns. So, the Divine Creation – the creation of Heaven, Earth, the Sun, Moon, planets, animals and man – took place on the abstract mental plane. This happened instantaneously – the moment that the word was spoken. It happened in 7 days – 7 stages. However, the manifestion – the physical manifestation as we know it with the five senses – could indeed have happened over millions of years and through much the same process described by Darwin.

So Voila, we have married the creator and Darwin – evolution and creation.

How do we reconcile the age of the earth as shown by science with the biblical account of creation? According to the oral teachings – it is not explicitly stated in scripture – the Divine created the earth approximately 5780 years ago. Science dates the age of the earth in terms of billions of years. One way is to explain the 5780 years as a reference to the current 5th root race. The Bible tells that story. The 5th root race began at approximately that time. Even the theologians say that there were many creations before that time.

But there is another way to explain it – and I heard this from Rabbinical theologians. The world, the trees, animals, plants and man were created as full adults. The trees were not created as seeds which grew and matured. The lions and cattle and all the animals were created fully adult, as was man. Thus the creation could have happened 5780 years ago, but the measurements could date billions of years the age of an adult earth.

Is this any less outlandish as to believe that a group of monkeys got together and produced the complete works of Shakespeare by accident? Or that a random explosion created the finely tuned, precision mechanism of the Universe?