Creationism and Evolution 1


This is one of the fiery arguments going on since the advent of Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” in 1869. To his believers, Darwin seemed to point that life – and the various species of life – happened randomly. Over long periods of time, different molecules combined to form proteins which formed cells which formed living organisms and little by little in a haphazard sort of way, life developed. Those life forms which couldn’t adapt to the environment, didn’t survive, only the most fit survived and on and on.

There are many answers to this. I personally like the simplest explanations. If you see a beautiful finely manufactured, precision, Rolex watch. Does anyone think that this happened randomly? Was there an explosion in a metal factory? Did a bunch of chimpanzees happen to produce this by accident?

Of course not. Someone or some group of craftsmen produced it. The Rolex watch had a creator.

Einstein used the following analogy. If you see hold a beautiful Rembrandt Bible. The printing is exquisite. There is artwork and beautiful binding. Every page tells a coherent story. Was this Bible produced by an explosion in the print factory? Was it random? An accident? No there was a creator that created it.

Our Universe – and Astrologers know this – is just such a precision instrument. The planets revolve around the Sun in regular orbits (and we can predict this for thousands of years in the future). The Earth turns on its axis at a regular interval. The seasons happen in regular order. True there are some irregularities. There is a mathematical proportion to the orbits of each of the planets in relation to the other. Pythagoras claimed that this proportion was the same as the proportion of the 7 tones of the musical scale. Did this just happen at random? Did a random evolution produce this?

Not very likely. Some intelligence, whatever you want to call it, created this.